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Radio frequency (RF) Systems on a Chip ICs are highly integrated silicon solutions combining multiple functional blocks into a complete, optimized RF system with few or no sensitive external components. The silicon integration builds in system performance considerations and minimizes board level degradations. This simplifies the customer’s ability to quickly design in high performance RF functionality that delivers competitive advantage and market leading solutions. Employing patented design techniques, RF Magic’s broadband RF Systems on a Chip ICs offer premium performance, reduced system BOMs, diverse functionality and simplicity of use that economically solve the toughest RF challenges, exceed customers’ demanding requirements and deliver the next RF generation.

The company’s current product portfolio targets consumer electronics for Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Out Door Units (ODUs), digital broadcast set top boxes (STBs) and televisions, home media centers, and fixed wireless access modems, and are segmented into three major categories:

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