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Silicon Tuners

RF Magic offers silicon tuners for both satellite and terrestrial digital TV applications.

For terrestrial Set Top Boxes (STBs), RF Magic is leading the transition to digital television with the world’s most advanced single-chip tuner for VHF/UHF digital terrestrial (DVB-T, ATSC) TV. Using its patented AdaptiveTune™ technology, RF Magic’s tuners contain all front-end functions required to create the most compact TV receiver design possible. The result is the smallest tuner footprint in the industry. And with a solid-state design, the tuners offer extreme, robust performance with high interference immunity that allows for the best receiver sensitivity.

For technical specifications on RF Magic’s Digital Terrestrial TV Tuners, simply click on each product listed below:

For satellite Set-Top Boxes, RF Magic delivers the world’s most advanced single-chip silicon tuners to replace complex discrete tuners and reduce both component count and costs. RF Magic currently offers two satellite tuners, both of which are currently sold through STMicroelectronics. The tuners support the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting), DIRECTV and VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) protocols. The STB6000 tuner has been described as “a product that will change the face of the front-end satellite receivers” by analogZONE, a Website for analog engineering professionals.

For technical specifications on RF Magic’s DBS Tuners sold by STMicroelectronics, click one of the product links below.

If the link did not provide the information you need or if you are seeking reference designs, please email us at info@rfmagic.com.

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