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Satellite Channel Stacking Switch IC

The RF5210 is RF Magic’s third generation Satellite Channel Stacking Switch™ (CSS)™ IC. A single RF5210 supports three wide-band satellite inputs and three frequency division multiplexed (FDM) channels to be transmitted over a single coaxial cable from the roof to multiple set top box (STB) tuners in the home. In a typical system using RF Magic’s EZStack™, 2 ICs might operate in parallel to support 6 LNB satellite inputs and 6 unique, user-selected channels stacked within 950-2150 MHz for transmission down a single cable. Additional ICs can be cascaded to support up to 12 output channels.

The RF5210 is a highly integrated, channel-agile BTS IC. It integrates a switch matrix, RF variable gain amplifiers with associated power detectors, image rejection mixers, programmable output amplifiers, on-chip VCOs and low noise PLLs with integrated loop filters into a single 68-pin QFN package.


  • DBS Single Cable Low Noise Block Converters
  • DBS Single Cable Multi-Switches

EZStack™ Example using 2 RF5210 ICs to achieve a 6 Input/6 Channel Output Solution

RF5210 Product Brief

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